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Friday, September 22, 2006

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Brown!

May I present Mr & Mrs Brown

Ahhhh! How sweet!

Hamish's mum, Louise and brother, Duncan.

Luke and Megan (or was it Molly......hmm not very good with names, sorry!)

Hamish with his mum.

Hamish & Sharon with the Parents.

The Bride & Groom (or Groom & Groom...lol) with the Kiwis!

The new Browns.

The amazing cake!

Each little one was sealed and iced and decorated and it tasted soooooooo delicious.
Claire (Sharon's sister) did a fantastic job!

Detail of the top tier.

Ha ha, lucky Hamish had his hand on top.

A little more relaxed photo during the evening reception.

The first dance....

Ahhhh! How sweet!

Monday, September 04, 2006

A Darwin Award Candidate Finally Takes his Rightful Place

Well it was a long time coming - Steve Irwin finally takes his place in the history books.

God Bless his soul - he will be sorely missed, the real 'Croc Dundee'


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