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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hello there,

well it's about time I gave a proper update on life in Stade. I have been here nearly a year and I have finally got my MBA mark!

I am now officially a Master of Bugger All. In the end I got 68% for my dissertation, 2% short of a distinction, bugger! Well I could have done a lot less work and passed more easily, so my performance was sub-optimal.

Anyway, Maike has been progressing well with her course and will start her final dissertation soon. Hopefully by Summer she will have finished this and then just have exams to finish by October/Novemberish......

For a short break in Summer we shall go to Finland to see a friend of hers who is getting married, but other than that she haas no time really to visit the UK.

So anyone who wants to visit just drop us an email to arrange a time.

I should be in the UK part work and part my time between March 7th and 11th. Hopefully for the weekend I shall be in Bristol, so see you all then!